Alternative Targum Traditions: The Use of Variant Readings by Alberdina Houtman

By Alberdina Houtman

This examine explores the opportunity of utilizing version readings of the Targum of the Prophets to recuperate perception into the foundation and heritage of Targum Jonathan. The booklet comes in handy for the research of the genesis of Targum Jonathan and its later advancements.

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We start with the so-called Genesis Apocryphon. The scroll containing an Aramaic version of Genesis stories, which was found in 1947 with six other scrolls in Qumran, was named ‘A 70 For the case of Tg Job, see Shepherd, Targum and Translation, 111–22. g. Churgin, Targum Jonathan to the Prophets, 115–16; Smolar & Aberbach, Studies in Targum Jonathan, 36–38; Smelik, ‘Translation and Commentary in One’, 258; Van Staalduine-Sulman, The Targum of Samuel, 146. 72 This is a hermeneutic principle that occurs abundantly in tannaitic literature.

L. A. ), Congress Volume, Vienna 1980, Leiden 1981, 162–77. , too, oscillates between midrashic deviations from the Masoretic text and literal translations. However, the former outweigh the latter.  Ap. 78 He pointed to the fact that the order of the Aramaic text in the scroll follows chapter and verse of the Hebrew original, and that it contains ancient exegetical traditions and explanatory additions in the manner of the Targums. Fitzmyer, in his commentary on the Genesis Apocryphon, acknowledged Black’s analysis for part of the text, especially for the part that corresponds to Genesis 14, but rejected the idea of labelling the whole composition a Targum.

The verses 2–5 are interpreted as prophecies concerning specific persons or groups. Let us look at 1 Sam 2:2a: – – – – – – – – – – – ‫על סנחריב מלכא דאתור אתנביאת ואמרת דעתיד דיסק הוא וכל חילותיה‬ mt – – – – – – – – – – – – – ‫על ירושלם ונס סגי יתעביד ביה תמן יפלון פגרי משריתיה בכין יודון כל‬ mt ‫ֵאין ָקדֹוׁש ַּכיהֹוָה ִּכי ֵאין ִּב ְל ֶּתָך‬ – – – – ‫עממיא אומיא ולשניא ויימרון לית דקדיש אלא יוי ארי לית בר מנך‬ mt tj tj tj The biblical ‘There is no holy one like the Lord; truly, there is none beside You’ is translated as follows: preliminary issues 23 Concerning Sennacherib, the king of Assyria she prophesied and said that he was to come up against Jerusalem, he and all his armies.

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