All My Sins Remembered: Another Part of a Life and the Other by Wilfred R. Bion

By Wilfred R. Bion

All My Sins Remembered is the continuation of Wilfred Bion's autobiography, The lengthy Week-end. even though it is certainly not a whole account of his 30 years following the 1st international War--and he wrote no more--his stories of that interval distinction vividly with the effect we achieve of the subsequent thirty years of his existence via his letters. "The different facet of Genius" supplies us a glimpse of this outstanding guy as his kinfolk knew him: those that met him in basic terms via his expert paintings will locate right here a similar attribute threads of humour, crisis for fact, and flashes of perception that have been the hallmark of his paintings in psycho-analysis.

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It was extremely uncomfortable. How do you think you and your girl-friend did in the combined assault on the Inter. Marital Sc. exam? Failed-obviously . You certainly did not get a Fellowship at Oxford. I wouldn’t even have dared to think of it. Or the Headmastership of your old school. Luckily for the school and for you. 1 think it is just as well that there was a sexual barrier so that you failed to marry any of your boy-lnends. I do not remember any whom I would have liked to have as my husband-or parent to my children.

These cousins asked me out during one school holiday and gave me one glorious day of freedom from what I now know was a virulent, vigorous, overpowering culture of non-conformist Protestant cant. Marguerite had made a curry such as I had not tasted since I had left India when I was eight. Then they took me to see a matinee performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel. ” Herbert not only knew, but he didn’t mind explaining. Trotter could not possibly help knowing I was a fool, but he was able to respect my feelings.

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