Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary by Aleister Crowley

By Aleister Crowley

Главные инструкции о ведении магического дневника (важной практики системы научного иллюминизма), включая работу «Джон Ст. Джонс», опубликованную в Эквиноксе, 1909г. «Мастер Храма» - текст, взятый из магического дневника Брата Ахада и другие.

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The blackness seems breaking. For a moment I got a vague glimpse of one's spine (or rather one's Sushurnna) as a galaxy of stars, thus suggesting the stars as the ganglia of the Universe. 18. To continue. 18. Not very satisfactory. " [For this see the Shiva Sanhita, and other of the Holy Sanskrit Tantras. ] However, having got rid of her for the moment, one may continue. 39. Y. [Prana Yama. ] 14 cycles. Some effort required; sweating appears to have stopped and Bhuchari hardly begun. My head really aches a good deal.

1923, p. 94) 8 August, 1: 11 am. I have several times referred to morbidity of thought as afflicting m e. I have not described the symptoms in proper detail & I am ashamed to say that the cause of this omission is that I have been too much ashamed of them to write them down. Yet it is important for mankind that I do so ... (1923, pp. 121) xlvi / The Magical Diary Reading through Crowley's diaries, I am struck by his self-effacing honesty. He did not engage in hypocritical fictions and myth-making regarding some sanctimonious, special holiness, or chosen status conveyed on his person by his spiritual office as Prophet.

Have done "Bornless One" in Asana. Good; yet I am filled with utter despair at the hopelessness of the Task. Especially do I get the Buddhist feeling, not only that Asana is intensely painful, but that all conceivable positions of the body are so. O. Still sitting; quite sceptical; sticking to it just because I am a man, and have decided to go through with it. 13. Y. cycles. A bit better, and a slight hint of the Bhuchari Siddhi foreshadowed. Have been saying mantra; the question arises in my mind: Am I mixing my drinks unduly?

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