Afterlife by Colin Wilson

By Colin Wilson

Is the near-death adventure a protection mechanism of the mind or have humans truly been at the threshold of one other international? Colin Wilson assesses the proof that includies mediumship, paranormal task, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. primarily, he comprises the impressive case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and pronounced their stories of the afterlife.

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William James and Mrs Piper. Richard Hodgson investigates Mrs Piper. The case of George Pellew. James’s ‘white crow’. Are ‘spirit controls’ sub-personalities? How to deceive the spirits. Myers and the ‘Cross Correspondences’. Mrs Willett joins the group. ‘Myers’ communicates with Geraldine Cummins. The problem of the ‘bad telephone line’. Swan on a Black Sea. 6: Dr Steiner and the Problem of Reincarnation Dr Steiner introduces himself to the Berlin Theosophical Society. Steiner’s overnight success.

Archbishop Lang orders an investigation into Spiritualism. The return of Lawrence of Arabia. The case of Drayton Thomas’s father. The decline of Spiritualism in the 1920s and 1930s. Houdini denounces mediums as ‘human vultures’. The decline of the SPR. The High ’n Dries. Carlos Mirabelli. Rhine and the new methods of research. Basil Shackleton foresees the future. ‘The sheep and the goats’. Helmut Schmidt makes cheating impossible. Karlis Osis asks doctors and nurses for their death-bed observations.

How we lost our psychic powers. Rosalind Heywood and ‘The Singing’. Lethbridge’s theory of apparitions as ‘tape recordings’. Mrs Willett’s experience of ‘two minds’. The soldier who found himself ‘outside his earthly body’. The near-death experience of Sir Auckland Geddes. A-consciousness and B-consciousness. Sir Alexander Ogston’s out-of-the-body experience. Rudolf Steiner’s fourfold division of man. Hans Driesch’s experiment with the sea urchin. Harold Burr’s ‘life fields’. The Kahuna theory of the ‘three selves’.

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