Acute Leukemias IX: Basic Research, Experimental Approaches by T. Haferlach, C. Schoch, W. Hiddemann (auth.), Prof. Dr.

By T. Haferlach, C. Schoch, W. Hiddemann (auth.), Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Hiddemann, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. phil. Torsten Haferlach, Dr. med. Michael Unterhalt, Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Büchner, Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Ritter (eds.)

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Proc Nat! Acad Sci USA 97(13):7521-6 Miyamoto T et al. (2000) AMLl/ETO-expressing nonleukemic stem cells in acute myelogenous leukemia with 8;21 chromosomal translocation. Proc Nat! Acad Sci USA 97(13):7521-6 Okuda T et al. (1998) Expression of a knocked-in AMLl-ETO leukemia gene inhibits the establishment of normal definitive hematopoiesis and directly generates dysplastic hematopoietic progenitors. Blood 91(9):3134-43 27 Inducible AML l/ETO Expression in U-937 Myeloid Cells: a Model to Identify Genes Targeted by the Leukemia-Specific Fusion Protein Abstract Introduction The AMLl gene is fused to the ETO gene in a frequent, nonrandom chromosomal translocation t(8;21) in AML with maturation.

Bardwell, V. , Lavinsky, R. , Rosenfeld, M. , et al. (1998b). ETO, a target of t(8;21) in acute leukemia, interacts with the N-CoR and mSin3 corepressors, Mol Cell BioI 18,7176-84. , and Hiebert, S. W. (1995). The t(8;21) fusion protein interferes with AML-IBdependent transcriptional activation, Molecular & Cellular Biology 15, 1974-82. , and Ohki, M. (1993). The t(8;21) translocation in acute myeloid leukemia results in production of an AMLl-MTG8 fusion transcript, Embo I 12,2715-2721. , and Ohki, M.

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