A text book of practical botany 1 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

By Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

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Lindenmayer Systems, Fractals, and Plants

Lindenmayer structures are a mathematical formalism which used to be proposed by means of Aristid Lindenmayer in 1968 as a starting place for an axiomatic thought of improvement. This booklet offers the appliance of Lindenmayer platforms and Fractal Geometry to graphics-based plant modelling, a desirable method of visualizing development features in crops.

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3. The spaces of the reticulum are bound by five or six cells (this number varies between 3-10 cell wall nucleus pyrenoid chloroplast cytoplasm chloroplast Fig. 1. Hydrodictyon. A part of saccate thallus. Fig. 2. Hydrodictyon. A part of reticulum. cytoplasm Fig. 3. Hydrodictyon. A single cell. Algae 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. cells) which fonn a pentagonal or hexagonal structure. The cells are cylindrical. End walls are angular to facilitate the fonnation of a mesh. A cell has a large central vacuole.

Fig. 4. Cladophora. A part of thallus showing mode of branching. rhizoidal cell single cell holdfast cell wall Fig. 3. Cladophora. Basal part of the filament with holdfast. 5. Branches arise just beneath the septum, from the upper end of the cell. Object Exercise 2 Study a cell. Work procedure Use the same slide prepared earlier and study the structure of a single cell. Comments 1. Cell walls are stratified being composed of three layers, out of which middle is conspicuously stratified. 2. A cell is coenocytic.

Algae Chara (Stone-Wort) Classification Sub-division Class Order Family Genus Algae Chlorophyceae Charales Characeae Chara branch of unlimited growth Exercise 1 Object : Study the external features of thallus. Work procedure Study a slide showing mounted part of the thallus or study a preserved specimen. Magnifying lens or dissecting microscope would be very useful. Comments 1. Thallus is macrocopic, branched and multicellular. Calcium carbonate is deposited allover. 2. It remains attached to the substratum by multicellular rhizoids which bear an erect and branched main axis above.

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