A survey of categorical concepts by Emily Riehl

By Emily Riehl

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The Soviet Union had already taken terrible risks to secure a series of space records—the first man in space, the first two-man mission, the first woman in space and the first space walk. Then, in September 1968, the Soviets sent an unmanned spacecraft, Zond 5, around the Moon and back to Earth. The Americans decided to change their plans—instead of just testing the lunar module, Apollo 8 would take three men around the Moon! And we would be part of the team who tracked them. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU WERE THROWN OUT OF A SPACECRAFT INTO SPACE?

S. I vote for ‘Selene’ or ‘Luna’. WHY CAN WE SEE THE MOON SOMETIMES DURING THE DAY? The sunlight is so bright that we can’t always see the reflected light from the Moon. Occasionally, however, the conditions are right and we can see the Moon faintly in the daytime. In fact, the Moon can be seen easily in the daytime provided that it is in more than its thin crescent phase—it’s just that most people never look for it. CHAPTER 7 Science in the Wilderness We were working in a high-tech world among gum trees and kangaroos, high in the hills an hour’s drive outside Canberra.

To our relief the redesigned command module operated perfectly—and this new design would be used for the next five years. The new TV cameras worked—and for the first time the team at Honeysuckle Creek were able to check out the TV circuits and voice channels with live astronauts talking with Mission Control. Another novelty was getting live biomedical data—the astronauts’ heartbeats and respiration rates. This was really exciting. As the astronauts manoeuvred the spacecraft, practised their navigation skills with star sightings, or fired the main propulsion rocket motor, the telemetry data streamed through the Honeysuckle Creek computers at 100 samples per second—and we could see the excitement of the astronauts in the data we monitored.

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