A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality by David J. Fekete

By David J. Fekete

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P. 193. 28 Chapter II. The Lover’s Coach and the Apple Fallen from Plato’s Tree: Ovid and Aristotle shortcomings in the throes of love — only to hate and denounce the same person, should our love be unrequited. Ovid gives us the freedom to hate what doesn’t bring emotional satisfaction and to love what grants emotional satisfaction — something that would give an ethicist nightmares, but ought to make a psychologist pay attention. All the strange illogic of emotional life is bound up in the defining style of Ovid’s poem — play.

If you are suspicious of the outcome, get out before you are in too deep: 44. “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain” (Genesis 4:1). 45. In Ovid, The Art of Love, trans. Rolfe Humphries (Indiana: Indiana UP, 1957). 46. Ovid, The Remedies for Love, p. 182. 45 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality While you still have a chance, and your heart is moved, but not deeply, If you’re uncertain at all, never step over the sill. Crush, before they are grown, the swelling seeds of your passion, Let your spirited steed never get into full stride .

Longus sees a loving interpersonal relationship as a divine gift. ” It’s what most people today mean when they think of a loving relationship. Plato sees the soul merging intellectually with a concept that is beyond every finite thing. It merges with The Beautiful. The Beautiful is otherworldly. It is infinite and eternal. It transcends everything we experience with our senses on this Earth. ” A little reflection will show that these two traditions are incompatible. A person cannot embody both traditions and remain one person.

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