A probabilistic approach for examining aircraft concept by D. N. Mavris, D. A. DeLaurentis

By D. N. Mavris, D. A. DeLaurentis

Airplane layout three (2000) seventy nine - a hundred and one

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This was the ‘Ruhr Plan’, operations designed to attack the vital German war industries in this district in broad daylight. If Bomber Command’s groups could not achieve much success flying over the sea and the coast what possible chance did they have flying over German territory proper? The shift towards night bombing was starting. Night flying was not something Bomber Command was used to. Almost all thinking, theorising and planning in pre-war years had concentrated on the idea of precision bombing by daylight.

Chance’s blackened foot was wrapped in cotton wool and a bottle of Scotch and cigarettes were left beside him. 28 · Reaching for the Stars Chance spent a long time in hospital, but he recovered in time to see action in the Battle of France and was serving in the Far East when the war ended. After the conflict he became a barrister. Over the years many bomber crews were forced to ditch in the North Sea. Sometimes the impact with the sea snapped the bomber like a toy and killed everyone. Sometimes they survived only to drift on the tides suffering slow, agonising deaths.

Crews put on layer after layer of clothing to try to combat the problem. It often made little difference. Greg Gregson, a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner (WOP/AG), wore silk stockings, then put on woollen socks and then his fur-lined flying boots. 17 The exterior of the aircraft also suffered from the cold. 19 Turrets and guns froze solid making the aircraft indefensible in an attack. The cold, when combined with an inadequate oxygen supply, caused men to react sluggishly or even pass out. On a leafletting raid Donnelly joined one of his colleagues at the flare chute down which the bundles of leaflets were thrust.

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