A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group by Kevin MacDonald

By Kevin MacDonald

This publication makes an attempt to appreciate an historical humans when it comes to smooth evolutionary biology. A simple proposal is that Judaism is a gaggle evolutionary strategy-what one may well time period an evolutionarily major method for a gaggle of individuals to get on on the earth. The e-book files numerous theoretically attention-grabbing points of crew evolutionary options utilizing Judaism as a case examine. those issues contain the speculation of crew evolutionary concepts, the genetic unity of Judaism, how Jews controlled to erect and implement obstacles to gene move among themselves and different peoples, source pageant among Jews and non-Jews, how Jews controlled to have a excessive point of charity inside their groups and whilst avoided free-riding, how a few teams of Jews got here to have such excessive IQ's, and the way Judaism built in antiquity. This e-book used to be initially released in 1994 through Praeger Publishers. The Writers membership variation incorporates a new preface, Diaspora Peoples, describing a number of attention-grabbing team evolutionary techniques: The Gypsies, the Hutterites and Amish, the Calvinists and Puritans, and the abroad chinese language.

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Most indicative of the values Puritans instilled in their children are what Fischer terms hortatory names—Be-courteous Cole, Safely-on-high Snat, Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith White, Small-hope Biggs, Humiliation Scratcher, Kill-sin Pemble, and Mortifie Hicks. In some areas, almost half the children received such names, including “an unfortunate young woman named Fly Fornication Bull . . ” (Fischer 1989, 97). Another distinguishing mark were the “sadd colors,” a drab way of dressing that set Puritans off from others during the colonial period.

Puritans in New England viewed themselves as a separate group whose attitudes required them to transform their entire lives. “Puritanism asked them to look with new eyes at the nature and structure of government, at the role of communities, at the obligations of families; to have new attitudes toward work, toward leisure, toward witches and the wonders of the world” (Vaughn 1997, xiii). The Puritan colony retained a great deal of independence from England: “Neither foreign powers nor the English crown had much influence on the small cluster of colonies” (Vaughn 1997, 297).

However, they indicate the extent to which group rather than individual interests were the critical consideration. As in the Old Testament, God’s wrath would be leveled at entire communities, not only individuals. Each member was therefore responsible for the purity of the whole, since transgressions of others would result in God’s wrath being leveled at the entire community (Vaughn 1997, 179). Puritans were therefore highly motivated to control the behavior of others that they thought might offend God.

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