A History of Catholic Antisemitism: The Dark Side of the by R. Michael

By R. Michael

Relocating from the Catholic Church's pagan origins, throughout the Roman period, heart a while, and Reformation to the current, Robert Michael the following offers a definitive heritage of Catholic antisemitism.

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Thus I must end this matter and blind you evil Jews so that you and all your children are blind . . ”50 Other plays embodied the same anti-Jewish themes. ” The Jews call for Jesus’s death. The High Priest Annas orders the Jews, “Take Him, beat him The crowd beats Jesus, spits in His face, and pulls Him about. All this occurs before the Jews take Jesus to Pilate. Pilate tells Jesus that, although he wants to spare Jesus, the Jews want Jesus’s blood on a cross. 54 As a result of the impact of such dramas on the faithful, some city ordinances restricted the Jews—under guard—to their separate seating section during the performances, presumably to protect the Jews from Catholic attack.

Hell . . ”19 For Tertullian, the outstanding North African theologian of the second and third century, antisemitism was as crucial to his religious beliefs as it was essential to his rhetoric. Anti-Jewish diatribes, for instance, are contained in twenty-seven of his thirty-two extant works. Like the other Fathers of the Church, Tertullian “needed Jews and Judaism as a kind of antitype to define nearly everything he was and stood for. . He uses [anti-Judaism] rhetorically to win arguments against his opponents and he uses it theologically .

31 The Church justified almost any harm done to Jews because of their “continuing crimes” of deicide, blasphemy, and heresy. As we approach the High Middle Ages, Jewish lives were now completely in the hands of their worst enemies. CHAPTER 4 Medieval Deterioration Damn you, you shameful Jews, you must be forever damned! I must blind you, you evil Jews, and all your children and send you all at once into the deep abyss of hell. Christiana, the Alsfeld Passion Play S alo Baron denied that medieval Jews lived in a state of “extreme wretchedness, .

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