A Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod by Tadashi Kawai, Neil Cumberlidge

By Tadashi Kawai, Neil Cumberlidge

This ebook introduces up-to-date details on conservation matters, offering an outline of what's had to increase the worldwide conservation of freshwater decapods reminiscent of freshwater crabs, crayfish, and shrimps.

Biodiversity loss often is maximum in organisms that depend upon intact freshwater habitats, simply because freshwater ecosystems around the globe are pain excessive threats from a number of assets. Our knowing of the quantity and placement of threatened species of decapods, and of the character in their extinction threats has more desirable significantly in recent times, and has enabled the improvement of species conservation innovations.

This quantity makes a speciality of saving threatened species from extinction, and emphasizes the significance of the profitable implementation of conservation motion plans via cooperation among scientists, conservationists, educators, investment businesses, coverage makers, and conservation agencies.

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