A Concise History of Mathematics Volume 1 by Dirk J. Struik

By Dirk J. Struik

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Elazar used the term moralistic to describe a culture whose adherents are concerned with “right and wrong” in politics. Moralistic culture views government as a positive force, one that values the individual but functions to the benefit of the general public. Discussion of public issues and voting are not only rights but also opportunities to better the individual and society alike. Furthermore, politicians should not profit from their public service. Moralistic culture is strongest in New England, and although a product of the Puritan religious values, it is associated with more secular (nonreligious) attitudes.

Maquiladora A factory in the Mexican border region that assembles goods imported duty-free into Mexico for export. ” North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) A treaty between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, that calls for the gradual removal of tariffs and other trade restrictions. NAFTA came into effect in 1994. -Mexico Border Fence Near Hidalgo, Texas ☛ Scott Olson/Getty Images What is the purpose of the border fence? Do you think that it will be successful? S. government are also important to the economy of the region.

Running as Democrats, these candidates defeated themselves as Republicans in the general election. S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. 16 In 1956, when Mansfield school district, just southeast of Fort Worth, was ordered to integrate, angry whites surrounded the school and prevented the enrollment of three African-American children. Governor Shivers declared the demonstration an “orderly protest” and sent the Texas Rangers to support the protestors. Because the Eisenhower administration took no action, the school remained segregated.

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