30-Minute Yoga: For Better Balance and Strength in Your Life by Viveka Blom Nygren

By Viveka Blom Nygren


In 30-Minute Yoga, qualified yoga teacher Viveka Blom Nygren demonstrates the best way to do a 30 minutes Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga consultation on your own residence for you to in achieving concentration and calm on a extra general basis.

With full-color photos of yoga positions to aid advisor you thru your place work out, Nygren explains what it skill to perform yoga and the way to respire competently, then walks readers via a number of yoga movements—basic positions, ahead bends, leisure poses—and closes with an exploration of the way to make your yoga perform actually person for you, via mantras and meditation.

If you're new to yoga, newbie transformations are supplied that will help you reach a winning work out. while you're extra complex, use 30-Minute Yoga as a complement on your complete yoga periods.

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What do we do when we get older and older? Fortunately we are practitioners: we have a path, we have a special path, the Dzogchen Teaching. We know how to apply and how to inte­ grate that knowledge because we received the transmission. Even if we are getting older we are not too worried because we have the Dzogchen Teaching. But you see: in this world many people, 58 when they get old, only wait for their death. That is not nice. One of the most important aspects for Dzogchen Community people is understanding how n1uch the Dzogchen Community is important: that is your fortune, n1y fortune, our fortune.

That is true; if yoti are in your real nature there is no difference. " Manifesting probletns means that we are not in our real condition. In this case we need to do practice and we should deal with Guruyoga, the state of transmission, developing it, so that we become more and tnore familiar with this state. If you have realization I will receive less e-mails. For ex­ ample I got up this morning at three o'clock and there :were 79 e-n1ails to reply. I worked till six o'clock but there are still 54 e­ mails to reply.

It is not like giving an intellectual lesson. Teaching is not giving a lesson. In the teaching, the principle is that you have son1e knowledge, son1e understanding and you transmit this to others. If, for exrunple, you know how to repair a watch, then you 32 know how to open it and how to repair it. That means you have that knowledge. If one is interested to receive that knowledge, you show him how to open and close the watch and what one has to do. Really your duty is that the person understands per­ fectly what to do.

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